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alpha300 Ri – Inverted Raman Imaging Microscope

alpha300 Ri – Inverted Confocal Raman Imaging

  • Experience Raman Imaging from a new angle.

    The alpha300 Ri turns 3D chemical characterization upside down. Its inverted beam path preserves all the functionality of WITec’s standard alpha300 confocal Raman imaging microscopes while introducing a new angle in access and handling. The ability to view and investigate samples from below is a great advantage when working with aqueous solutions and oversized samples. Studies in life sciences, biomedicine and geosciences in particular will benefit from the consistency and flexibility provided by the geometry of the alpha300 Ri.

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Key Features

      • An inverted beam path allows liquid samples to be placed on the fixed plane of the stage for quick and repeatable measurements.
      • The motorized sample stage also facilitates the mounting of environmental enclosures and other accessories.
      • Bulky samples that would be challenging to investigate underneath a conventional microscope objective turret can be accommodated by placing them on the stage of the alpha300 Ri.
      • Compatible with other microscopy techniques including: fluorescence, differential interference contrast (DIC) and phase-contrast
      • Features all the unique and established imaging and spectroscopy capabilities of the WITec alpha300 R series.
      • Non-destructive imaging technique: no staining or fixing of the sample required
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Application Examples

  • Correlative Raman-Fluorescence microscopy image of DAPI-marked eukaryotic cell nuclei

    Correlative Raman Fluorescence Microscopy: Fluorescence DAPI Staining & Raman Imaging
  • 3D Raman image of pressed banana pulp

    The alpha300 Ri combines the advantages of data acquisition from below with the established merits of 3D confocal Raman imaging which is a powerful and versatile technique that can chemically characterize samples nondestructively and without labeling or other specialized preparation. 

    The image shows a 3D reconstruction of Raman image-stack acquisition of banana pulp.

    Scan range: 300µm x 200µm x 90µm
    Pixels (Spectra): 450x300x45

  • banane ganz klein
    Pressed banana pulp sample: Starch grains (green) and cell wall components (red)


  • Raman General Operation Modes

    • Raman spectral imaging: Acquisition of complete hyperspectral Raman imaging data sets while continuously scanning.
    • Planar (x-y-direction) and depth scans (z-direction) with motorized sample positioning
    • Image stacks: 3D confocal Raman imaging
    • Fast and slow time series
    • Single point Raman spectrum acquisition and depth profiling
    • Fibre-coupled UHTS spectrometer specifically designed for Raman microsopy and applications with low light intensities
    • Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy

    Basic Microscope Features

    • Research grade inverted optical microscope with 6x objective turret
    • Video system: Video CCD camera and/or fluorescence camera
    • LED white-light source for Köhler illumination
    • Binocular
    • Condensor lens for up to 7 contrasts (e. g. brightfield, DIC, Phase contrast, NAMC, etc.)
    • Sample holder accommodating various standard sample formats (e. g. microscopy slides, Terasakiplates, 35/65 mm dishes, Nunc flasks, counting chambers)
    • Internal filter block revolver
    • Motorized sample positioning and scanning stage in x- and y-direction, large travel range
  • Raman Optional/Upgradable Operation modes

    • A broad range of lasers and wavelenghts (from UV to IR) eligible
    • Additional UHTS-spectrometers (UV, VIS, NIR)
    • Ultrafast Raman imaging optional available
    • Upgradable for time correlated single photon counting / fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM)
    • Autofocus

    Ultrahigh-throughput WITec UHTS Spectrometers

    • Various lens-based, excitation optimized spectrometers (UV, VIS or NIR) available, all specifically designed for Raman microsopy and applications with low light intensities
    • Fibre-coupled ultrahigh-throughput optical instruments
    • Superior peak shape conservation

    Computer Interface:

    • WITec software for instrument and measurement control, data evaluation and processing

Scientists’ Choice Award Winner

  • The WITec alpha300 Ri inverted Raman microscope has been awarded the SelectScience Scientists’ Choice Award 2019. The award is given based on the votes of researchers themselves, who are asked to choose their favorite new laboratory technology released in 2018. The WITec alpha300 Ri was voted the Best New Product in the Spectroscopy category and received excellent reviews on SelectScience.net.

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