header rigid support frame

Enclosure & Damping

  • WITec frame enclosure closed
    The enclosure and the vibration-damping support frame protect the WITec alpha300 microscope from environmental interference.
    • Enclosure

      • Reduction of environmental interference from sources such as temperature fluctuations, air drafts and acoustic noise
      • Gas-phase control with air-tight option
      • Compliance with Laser safety Class 1 available
      • Optical, electronic and peripheral connection with sealed feed-throughs
    • Rigid Support Frame

      • Passive vibration damping for high-resolution imaging
      • Active damping option for enhanced stability available
      • Optical breadboard included for experimental flexibility
      • Space-efficient design with footprint of only 80 cm x 80 cm
  • Glove Box-Compatible alpha300 Series

    • Automated microscope components enable remote control
    • Compact instrument footprint requires minimal space
    • Lasers, spectrometers, controller and PC are freely positionable outside enclosure
    • Software-driven routines accelerate sample turnover
  • WITec apyron GloveBox
    WITec alpha300 apyron fully automated Raman microscope in an environmental enclosure (glove box by MBRAUN, Garching, Germany).


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