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    • WITec Academy

      WITec Academy is a training program for all instrument and software operations as well as potential applications of the WITec product line. Due to a course structure with basic and advanced elements it not only addresses new users but also more experienced users of WITec microscope systems. With seminars and extensive hands-on training sessions, WITec Academy serves as a forum for providing a comprehensive instruction covering a variety of techniques for productive and innovative research in the fields of Confocal Raman and Scanning Probe Microscopy.

      The instruction and demonstration at WITec Academy will be performed on the latest hardware and software releases. All courses are held in English.

      We invite customers who are interested in AFM/SNOM instruction to contact events@witec.de individually. When the number of interested parties is sufficient, we will schedule a separate AFM/SNOM course and notify potential participants.

    • March 2022 Academy to be held ONLINE

      Given the ongoing uncertainty regarding the pandemic, the WITec Academy in March 2022 will be held in an online format. The courses will take place on the given dates from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CET). Participants will receive a 10% discount on our online courses.

    • Voucher validity extended

      Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was unfortunately necessary to suspend the WITec Academy courses. Any vouchers for the Academy that could not be redeemed due to this situation will now be valid until December 31st, 2022.

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Entry level instrument and software training for Confocal Raman Imaging (ONLINE)

The entry level instrument and software training is ideally suited for users new to the alpha300 or alpha500 Confocal Raman Microscopes requiring an introduction to the operational principals of the system and the software packages. A detailed description of the various components will set the basis for a hands-on session using WITec test samples. An introduction to the WITec software concept will play an important role during the training as thorough software knowledge is essential for successful Raman image acquisition.

Advanced instrument operation training for Confocal Raman Imaging (ONLINE)

This one day training course is intended for experienced users of the alpha300 R and alpha500 R Confocal Raman Microscopes covering expert level features of the instrument and its accessories. During individual hands-on sessions, the participants will have the opportunity to discuss and evaluate the requirements for successful Raman measurements on their own samples. Therefore, participants are encouraged to bring a sample for analysis under guidance of the instructor. Finally the course will include a „Tips & Tricks“ session for the various measurement techniques. Participants should have a working knowledge of the operation of the system as well as the software.

Confocal Raman Spectroscopy data and image processing with WITec Project (ONLINE)

Our software course will cover all aspects of spectral data evaluation and image processing with the WITec Suite software. The participants will learn in detail how to process the acquired raw data in order to obtain the most presentable images and graphs for successful publication. Topics relevant to the participant‘s specific background will be outlined in an “Advanced Individual Data Analysis Tutorial”, in which individual measurements will be processed under guidance of the instructors. Each attendee will work during the course at an individual computer workstation equipped with two monitors and configured with the latest version of the WITec Suite software. As the course will mainly cover expert-level features, the participants should have at least a basic knowledge of the WITec Suite Software Package.


As soon as the maximum amount of registrations has been reached, all following registration attempts will be transferred to a waiting list.

開催地 Ulm, Germany

15.03.2022 | Entry level instrument and software training for Confocal Raman Imaging (ONLINE)
16.03.2022 | Confocal Raman Spectroscopy data and image processing with WITec Project (ONLINE)
17.03.2022 | Advanced instrument operation training for Confocal Raman Imaging (ONLINE)


A maximum group size of 6 participants for each course guarantees individual mentoring, which provides the most thorough instruction. Each course is designed as a full day of training.

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(290€ + VAT; -10% discount)
(340€ + VAT / 476$ (USA); -10% discount)
(340€ + VAT / 476$ (USA); -10% discount)


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Please notice: A course might be cancelled 4 weeks in advance of the course start due to low attendance numbers.